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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Job done - Dad's second quilt a sucess

Despite the long silence I have been quilting as well as Toastmastering.

My Dad's second quilt is finished and he LOVES it  I'm pleased too

As the design looks rather like floor tiles, perhaps it's appropriate I've taken the photo in my tiled hall. The best spot it seems because from up a few stairs I can get a good overview.

At last the size is right, at 53" square it seems to do the job, but he still prefers his rug and likes to look at it instead! As they say, there's no accounting for folk.

For the first time I 'mastered' the lettering function on my new Bernina for the label. It took forever but was eventually effective if not totally successful. Lots to learn when I finally manage to get on a course to learn the finer points of the Bernina Aurora 430
The first quilt was so much more work but "too small and stiff". I'm still very pleased with it, have brought it home to think about making it larger and currently want to leave as it is.