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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Busy weekend

 I seem to have been sewing non stop for the last few days. Here are some of the outputs

Beach Huts truly done and dusted: .It is my first wall hanging and I'm really pleased with how this has all come together after all the hard work The Mistakes Bag is proving really useful to carry all the sewing bits about even if it's only up and downstairs

 At evening class last night we mad a sweet litle envelope bag, this still has to have a dreaw string channel and some ornamentation added. I thik there may be some more of these coming along soon

Free motion was the order of the day on Monday and Tuesday. The samples made at a class are being put into a raggy type bag. Michelle gave me some good tips on how to attach the side panels last night

 Finishing off the squares gave me the confidence to do the back of the folded patchwork cuushion though not as well as I'd have liked. Getting the tension perfect always seems to defeat me. So now it's a case of doing the piping, which Val says is hell, and finishing it off. Must buy a cushion too.

Harriet's knitted dogs look great together, I think she is really talented. These are my afghan Graciosa and his schnauzer friend

That's it, it takes time to learn blogging and I'm running late now!


  1. Hi Tessa and welcome to Blogland!!

    Love the Beach Huts hanging. And the bag wasn't made from mistakes, they were design opportunities. You were just experimenting!!

    I'm glad you liked the Linda and Laura Kemshall exhibition. Stunning wasn't it. Really inspiring too. I would have replied to you direct but you are set to 'no reply' so I came over here to have a nosey instead. Thanks for joining my blog too.

    Keep stitching and happy blogging!

  2. Many thanks Amanda

    I will reset so it’s not ‘no reply’, once I’ve worked out how to

    I’m planning some painting on the beach huts now - clouds are quilted but don’t show up, Once they’re done I’ll post a pic

    Best wishes,