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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Bag project is still going

Not quite finished but good progress. Slight crisis of confidence with handles - are they the right fabric I ask myself. Not enough of the binding for the handles but enough for the side ties - just. Also have thought of another fabric from my Calabash quilt, for some crazy reason not in my new  beautifully organised sewing room but filed under the spare room duve.That will teach me not to be messy with fabrics all over the place

Plenty of room for a whole litter of  kittens in here

This is how it will looks when folded up with the ties pulling in the sides
Went to the Herbert Museum in Coventry today to see 'Patchwork through the Ages' and was lucky to meet the owner of the collection. He says it is just a quarter of the collection on show, so I encouraged them to hold another show with some more in my visitors book entry.

This one is made from semi/half mourning materials

 This one from ribbons

 And this one is 12,000 minute hexagons and made by a 9 year old boy! He may have been convalescing

Sadly the dress, bonnet and quilt made from feed sacks didn't come out. They were great, I has no idea that feed sacks were such gorgeous patterns.

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  1. The bag is looking great! It's a real contradiction isn't it? Pretty and feed sack. Lol.