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Friday, 2 December 2011

It's been a long time ...

I have been busy doing lots of things and didn't meet many (any?) of the October goals then but a new surge of sewing energy hit me in November. Could it be the imminence of Christmas?

Japanese bag is done and in use:
Japanese Bag best side

Japanese Bag side 2
 It has been admired and one person even wanted to buy it but suddenly wasn't interested when I quoted a price not even realistic to the  work. It holds lots so the bottom gets very floppy but 2 pieces of plastic canvas in the base seem to be working well. 
Now I've got the hang of the pattern, I might make a slightly smaller one with 4" or 4.5" blocks instead of 5"

Carolina Houses quilt is well on the way, all pieced and borders attached. Have bought the threads to quilt and selected the backing so it's 'just' a matter of doing it.

Carolina Row lap quilt
I'm very pleased with this. Lots of work (260 pieces), fiddly, made my head hurt sometimes, endless undoing, and still far from perfect on close examination, but not bad! Also quite challenging to meet the no red/green criteria for my colour blind 92 year old ex civil engineer Dad. 
Yes I know it has the dark red but think/hope that's OK without green. The colours will go well in his sitting room and the backing is his favourite combination of dark and light blues. The coup de grace (hopefully) will be the charity shop shirting binding combining colours from both sides. Thank you St David's Foundation Pontypool

Carolina Row Backing and Binding

My big news is that I have a new sewing machine. About 2 years old, a Bernina Aurora 430 and already using my my 31 year old 801 is becoming a dim memory. Still learning lots and am thinking of doing the Bernina training course in London. I did that last time and it helped a great deal. This one has so may tools and tricks that I need help to master them all and get the full benefit.
New Aurora 430 2009
Old 801 c 1980

Quilting Carolina Row will be the first quilting project on the Aurora, will do a mix of fixed lines and free motion. Really looking forward to it and hoping the tension will be easier than before

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