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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Not quite Matisse

Inspired by the great painter, who cut and stuck shapes out of paper after he was unable to manage a brush, today was a Bondaweb Scrap Bash. Many lessons learned about how not to manage this difficult stuff and I can't say I'm totally thrilled with the outcome.I blame it partly on the age of the bondaweb. The newer stuff had totally disappeared.

Rainbow was the concept - I think a drawer will be the destination for a while but perhaps there is potential a long way down the line. Stitched over the joins and folded in half as a little bag? I don't suppose Matisse got it right first time!

New multicoloured sparkly buttons on my coat has been the other needle activity in the last 6 weeks - mostly sewn on by wonderful friends. Very pleased with the result - go to Claire Grove Buttons in Cardiff's Royal Arcade for the best ever selection, beads too.
Close Up

Am expecting to sew again relatively soon, plaster comes off on Tuesday so maybe in a couple of weeks. Getting behind the wheel of my car again will be equally wonderful

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