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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Normal service will be resumed ...

Every picture tells a story and what is a blog without a picture?would you believe two quilters?
Indeed what is a would be quilter without a right hand? a very slow typist, that's what. As my sewing machine collects dust, I am contemplating new projects such as a something totally abstract using already cut scraps and eventually a  pouffe with hand sewn hexagons - one day! Hope to get going again in a month or so.
This is where I was with RJN Mark 2 before, looks good and masculine - for my Dad. 3 of 5 horizontal strips now joined. Matching the next level will be fun - one day ...


  1. Ouch!! The ice I assume. Hope you're both back on track soon!

  2. Austrian slippery snow to be exact Look out for sewing action in March.

  3. Your pinwheels look so crisp and with beautiful points!

  4. Thank you for kind words Lynda. That may well be because the photo was taken before any blocks were joined together! The day of destiny for my plaster is close now and I can't wait. I had a go at something with no sewing today but it seemed very coarse and clumsy but as ever a good learning curve. The next post will reveal all. T x