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Monday, 2 January 2012

T's progress and a diversion to Carolina

Black and white Tessellating T's going well now I've checked and adjusted seam allowances and cut the correct size large squares. Yes I know that I am a complete dumbo. 6 blocks are made and 4 more all ready to sew; also picked up a few more fabrics in that Hereford shop's sale so I definitely have enough for there to be plenty of variety
They are black and white but look yellow because of artificial light. Tessellations show up well


However, there has been a change of priorities. My Dad says his Carolina Houses lap quilt is a bit stiff and does not drape round him as well as a rug to keep his legs and knees warm. Well we can't have that so that's a lesson learnt and back to the drawing board. It still looks great on the sofa in his study. So far I've made 5 x 4 piece blocks that will be  either a triangle in a square or a pin wheel. These are lovely and quick after the Tessellating T's.

Both have their merits; difficult choice

Not having any quilt design software, I had a lot of fun designing it on squared paper with coloured pencils very early on New Year's Day. So far it looks as if it will be a sort of medallion design with 5x5 10" blocks using all the spare Carolina fabric and a couple of others of similar shades. Possibly borders in between the different sections to link the colours bearing in mind I don't have enough of everything. I will try to resist, but may need to give in and get more. The challenge all the way through is that he is red green colour blind.Lots of blues and browns so far.


This is where I am now, but it could all change.

 The idea of a large proper medallion quilt as a long term project is really growing on me. I have someone in mind ...

Bought a lovely blue and gold backing fabric on Saturday but am now wondering if brushed cotton might make it more serviceable for his purposes = warm and drapey. Does anyone have any experience of using this?  I was thinking it might be harder to machine quilt because it may slide less well. As he is 92 and not too well I don't intend to spend months hand quilting.

Dragged myself out today, despite not too much sleep and enjoyed a 9 mile walk from Monmouth which was mercifully dry, if dull, from above but very muddy underfoot. Lovely to see all my Rambler friends and a satisfying New Year's day effort. Best of all, the rain started just as I got in the car to drive home!


  1. Love tessellating blocks! And I have quilting software, and always go back to paper. There is something more personally involved in it I think.

  2. Thanks Amanda, that's very reassuring - I spend far too much time on the PC anyway. More money for fabric!
    I want to add a photo gallery from my own files not Flickr or similar but can't identify which function does that. Any tips would be most appreciated