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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Pinwheels go two ways

Arghhhh ! Now I see why it's not good to go on piercing till all hours when concentration starts to fade, but it's so addictive and the points were coming together so well - once I learnt about trimming the half square triangles to make them all identical.
Right good, left bad

Now I know there are left pinwheels and right
pinwheels - yes I am a beginner.

Had made slightly more of the right hand type in photo so am going for them.

 Fortunately I had changed colour plans in midstream so have spare half square triangles for the 3 'different' ones which will become something else one day. 

Quarter layout

 This is a quarter of the overall layout - with correct pinwheels of  course! Apart from the yellow, it's all  from Carolina Row left over scraps so not bad recycling.

The  yellow was left over from Calabash, spot the 'wrong' one.

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  1. WE all have to learn this lesson, and most of us do as you did!