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Friday, 9 September 2011

Crazy cushions

Inspired by our evening class last winter, I made a Christmas crazy patchwork cushion for my friends in Bristol. It took ages to do all the embellishments and was great fun to do, almost all by hand.

It was such a success that god daughter Rose wanted to make her own. We had a tutorial at my house a couple of weeks ago, then she got on with it at home.

Today I saw the progress so far, it's looking very pretty and is a great first ever patchwork. It's nice to see some of my fabrics in it too.

Another Christmas present was a coffee cosy for my Dad which I was very pleased with as I only had the measurements to go from, designed it to fit his coffee pot and fussy cut the blue patches to match his kitchen/diner décor. The piecing was by hand, the pins had gone before I gave it to him and it's still in use every day.

Spot the fabric match with Rose's cushion

Even though this picture is disappointing dark (it was a dull day) you can see Rose's and my crazy cushions are the same design.

I hear there is another cushion in preparation too, can't wait to see it.

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