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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

My first proper paint effort

After some time dithering and a bit more practice on scraps, I decided the only thing was to go for it so I have painted the back of the folded patchwork cushion which I had already free motion quilted. I used a slightly furry roller, not the dense foam as recommended by Linda and Laura Kemshall because that seemed to give a to solid effect. It looks OK and doesn't obscure the nice purple fabric underneath. I don't quite get the point if the carefully chosen fabric gets obscured. Also I chose a fabric paint as that leaves the work softer to handle and washable unlike acrylics. A stiffer effect using acrylics has its place but not here. In my enthusiasm I didn't take a before picture, here is the after. The paint is silver though it looks gold on the photo.
Inspired by that, I had a go at the Beach Hut clouds using a white perle fabric paint and a bit of silver. This is still drying but I have hopes it will be OK, so far I like the subtle effect. None of them have been ironed to set the paint yet so there's still a way out!

Lastly I have undone the free motion bag with the raggy effect block assembly as I decided that I really didn't like that way round. It will be reassembled rights side out, raw edges on the wrong side and those edges maybe bound or just zig zagged. Back to the machine for the reconstruction


  1. Well that certainly makes a difference to the clouds!

  2. Thanks. Yes I'm pleased but dare not iron them! Ironing the cushion worked but it did flatten the quilting so changed the look. Now I have the Painted Quilt book (arrived today at long last, hurrah!)it suggests close quilting to avoid a squashing effect. Perhaps I need to invest in one of those teeny tiny irons ...