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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Free Motion Bag Progress

Yesterday I had all sorts of plans to go out but nothing came of them after I slipped over on some mud, got slightly bashed and felt like nursing myself so I sewed instead. 

The raggy free motion bag is no longer raggy, It took a while, but I trimmed and folded in the seam allowances and hand stitched them down as per the quilt as you go projects that I've read about. 
The result is very tidy as they say round here.

I like it much better than before but the colours (not my choice but from the course)  are still so dull and dreary that they make me wonder why I'm going to all this effort. 
The bag face on the right side of this picture is the worst side. Not one to waste all the work done so far, the next challenge seems to be to liven them up  with a binding to give the rest a kick, as they say in Busy Bees.
So after ages playing with my stash I've decided on the yellow and orange batiks left over from my Calabash Quilt. Probably the yellows on the red/turquoise side and the oranges on the dull dull blue and brown

It's really nice that so far that practically everything I have done has had a fabric link to a previous project, linking back to the original recycling ethos of patchwork 
 If I can get it to work, the plan is to sew in one of the painted squares as an inside pocket for shopping lists,  keys etc

I've changed the font on this now to Verdana which is Jim's favourite , hope it looks nicer. Can't work out how to make the text black, it is set on black but still come up too light a grey to be easy to read. Bold seems to be an improvement.

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  1. At least the bag is a great playground!

    Keep working with the blog, it will all sort of become logical after a while. And then they'll change the dashboard again! lol